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1972 Pivot Pool

1972 Pivot Pool

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"Pivot Pool" refers to a novel form of pocket billiards, or pool, introduced in 1972. It's a variation of traditional pool or snooker games, and it has distinct rules and gameplay. While it might not be as well-known as standard pool games, here is a description of Pivot Pool:


  1. Table and Equipment: Pivot Pool is played on a rectangular pool table, similar to regular pool tables. It typically uses a standard set of pool balls, including numbered balls and a cue ball.

  2. Racking: The balls are typically racked in a triangle at the start of the game, with the 8-ball placed in the center.

  3. Objective: The objective of Pivot Pool is to pocket all the balls in numerical order, starting from the lowest-numbered ball (usually the 1-ball) and proceeding in ascending order.

  4. Pivoting: What makes Pivot Pool unique is the concept of "pivoting." The player must pocket the next ball in line and then must also pocket a designated pivot ball (usually the cue ball or another specified ball) after pocketing the target ball.

  5. Continuous Play: After successfully pocketing the pivot ball following the target ball, the player continues to pocket the next ball in line and repeats the process until all balls have been pocketed in order.

  6. Penalties: If the player fails to pocket the pivot ball after pocketing the target ball, they incur a penalty, which might involve returning balls to the table or losing a turn.

  7. Scoring: The winner of the game is the first player to successfully pocket all balls in numerical order, with the required pivot ball after each target ball.

Pivot Pool adds an extra layer of strategy and challenge to traditional pocket billiards by requiring players to carefully plan their shots, not only to sink the target ball but also to position themselves for the subsequent pivot shot.

While Pivot Pool may not be as popular as standard eight-ball or nine-ball pool, it can be an enjoyable and unique variation for billiards enthusiasts looking for a different challenge. The game's rules and nuances may vary among different groups and regions, so it's essential to establish clear rules before playing with others.

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